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Number Eight

Number Eight - 8

Date of Birth:

8, 17, 26

Whom does it Govern?

The number 8 governs all those who are born on the 8th, 17th and 26th of any month; moreso, if they are born between 21st December and 26th January and between 26th February.

Planet governing number 8:

The number 8 stands in symbolism for the planet Saturn.

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They are totally misinterpreted in life:
Number 8 persons seem to be totally misinterpreted no matter what they do in life. This makes them feel very lonely at heart.

They are very diligent and disciplined:
They are very diligent and self-disciplined. Their constant nature and their profound sense of duty make them the epitome of trust and honour. They have very intense natures. It is rare to find a number 8 person indulging in aimless frivolity. They are also very strongly individuals.

It is a fatalistic number:
Number 8 is a fatalistic number. The stars above govern our condition, but this is more about number 8 persons. In an odd way the stars are frequently hostile towards them. They rarely escape their wrath. For what can be avoided whose end is purposed by the mighty gods? This does not mean that number 8 persons do not possess positive luck. They do, but their luck ebbs and flows. Number 8 people are either great successes or great failures. There is no happy medium in their case.

They carry truth to a point where it annoys people:
Number 8 persons are not normally religious; but if they are then they become fanatics. They carry out their cause irrespective of any opposition. This makes bitter enemies for them. It is not to say that they are wrong. It only means that hey carry truth to an extent where it annoys people.

They are warm-headed, but appear cold:
Number 8 persons can rise to great positions provided they are ambitious. They hold this position, however, involving a great sacrifice and pain on their part.

It is not a fortunate number from a worldly stand point:
Number 8 is not a fortunate number from a worldly stand point. It leads to enormous sorrow and humiliation to those who are born under it.

They love classical and melancholic music:
Number 8 persons love classical and melancholic music. They are pessimists and prefer to live away from company. They actively shun society.

They are prudent, wise and grave:
Prudent is the hallmark of number 8 person. He is wise and grave. He takes decisions after great deliberation. But once the decision has been made he can put in tremendous effort in order to achieve his goal. His logical mind creates worthwhile decisions. He is a born manager. His organising ability is thus exceptional. Number 8 person loves fair play and he never pays lesser than what is a person’s due.

They have an odd blend of profundity and sensitivity:
Number 8 persons have an odd blend of profound and sensitivity. Some of them be eccentric, which may often be seen in religious matters.

Unpredictable destiny due to Saturn:
Saturn is a very complex planet. That is why it is so difficult to predict what destiny may sometimes hold for number 8 persons.

They are meditative and contemplative:
Number 8 persons are meditative and contemplative by nature. They work without fuss or show, but the quality of their work deservers not only praise but even reverence.

They are isolated from society:
Their grave nature saves them time because people rarely interfere with them, but it also isolates them from society.

They are very warm to persons they love:
Number 8 persons can be very warm to persons they love, but they can become completely disinterested in people who annoy them. They may even try their utmost to finish them completely. They often succeed because number 8 persons can be very dogged in their approach. Normally they shut their minds off from people who annoy them and no amount of cajoling can wing back their love.

They have the strength to fight hostile stars:
Number 8 persons gain enormously when their Saturn is strong. They also lose heavily when their Saturn is weak. They, however, have the ability to control an adverse situation within days. Number 8 are perhaps the only people who can fight hostile stars on an even keel.

They are excellent friends:
Number 8 persons have very few friends, but the few they do have are greatly benefited from them. They can bear any hardship on themselves in order to benefit a friend.

They are never satisfied with small or low deeds:
Number 8 persons hate exaggeration of any kind. They are reasonable people who exist within logical limits. They can never be satisfied with small or low deeds. They always work to reach to the very top of their ability. They can never feel satisfied to remain at lower levels or positions.

They rarely succumb to stress or shock:
Number 8 persons rarely succumb to stress. Their personality is powerful and full of wonderful possibilities. These traits make number 8 persons overcome any impediment. Number 8 persons can withstand more shocks than any other number.

They server the downtrodden:
The influence of Saturn make number 8 persons server people, especially the downtrodden. Their sense of service is without any ulterior motive or a desire for a reward.

They spend money creatively:
Number 8 persons know how to creatively spend money. A lot of creativity is required to earn money, but even greater creativity is required to spend it. Only then does money bring joy. Otherwise an average man ends up trying to please others or to earn respect through his wealth. Number 8 persons know this route is full of pitfalls. They buy genuine value with their money, never dubious show.

They must deal with oil and iron:
Saturn is the planet of oil and iron. Therefore number 8 persons would do well to manufacture or trade iron goods or oil. These could create enormous wealth for number 8 people.

They could succeed in lottery:
Saturn can make a person a millionaire one moment and a pauper the next. Number 8 persons must but lottery tickets regularly. They must ensure that they buy a lottery:

  • Whose numbers add up to 8.
  • The lottery is drawn on the 8th, 17th or 26th of any month.

Work provides substantial joy to them:
The life of number 8 persons is full of activity and change. Number 8 persons spend enormous energy and time in sorting out the contradictions that arise out of the changes, leaving very little time for amusement. Surprisingly number 8 people rarely feel any anguish due to lack of amusement, mainly because work provides them substantial joy.

They find dejection and rejection in love:
Number 8 persons often find dejection as well as rejection in love. Number 8 persons are essentially action-oriented. They can rarely heave their heart to their mouths. This means they can rarely convey the immense love that they experience in the hearts.

They hate arguments:
Number 8 persons detest arguments. They know that discussion is an exchange of knowledge, while argument is an exchange of ignorance. They also hate to indulge in fights for a number of reasons. They know fights lack intellectual content and they cause hurt. That is the reason why they find no purpose in indulging in it.

Their concept of God is linked with truth and deeds:
Number 8 persons hate stone idols as their God. To them it amounts to hypocrisy. Their concept of God is more linked with truth and deeds rather than with something beyond human understanding. Number 8 persons may turn to ritualistic religion for a little while when surrounded by calamity but they soon return to their rational path.

They consider wealth as the natural manifestation of creative endeavour:
Number 8 persons consider wealth as the natural manifestation of creative endeavour. They work hard and in a creative manner and then demand fair compensation for their efforts. They would never loot but they would also not settle for anything non material like an appreciation or a thank you.

They must keep away from intoxicants:
Number 8 persons can easily become addicted to intoxicants. They would be advised to keep away from them because they will affect them in an extreme adverse manner.


Number 8 persons must take some precautions in order to negate the evil influence of Saturn, and to fulfil the true potential of their number. These precautions are:

  • Number 8 persons must overcome any diffidence or hesitation in matters concerning their work.
  • They must no become static. Travel and movement benefit them more. Close contact with people can be extremely beneficial.
  • They must not be dependent on others. They are most likely to benefit if they do their own work.
  • Number 8 persons rarely benefit through the help of their family. They must never depend on such help. Their affluence would be entirely due to their own effort.
  • Number 8 persons have many enemies. However, this is no cause for concern. They rarely lose against any enemy in a court of law. All they need to do is take adequate measures to negate the threat.
  • They must not travel to very high mountains or into very deep waters. They must take extra care in case such a thing is inevitable.
  • Women are likely to cause great anguish to number 8 persons in matters of love. They must be very careful in choosing a proper women.
  • Number 8 persons can be very inflexible. Intellectual constancy in admirable but unnecessary pigheadedness would lead to enormous difficulties.
  • They must not indulge in unnecessary worry. Every problem presents a solution within itself. Number 8 persons can easily recognise this once they make up their mind.
  • They must never be pessimistic about the future. God’s intentions are always beneficial. All that is required is to use our resources to the optimum in order to reap its true harvest.
  • Loneliness for its own sake is a negative attitude. Number 8 persons must actively seek people who fit into the logical concept of their philosophy.
  • There may be many impediments in the path of number 8 people but once these are removed nothing but joy prevails.

Financial Condition

Number 8 persons are either great success or great failures. Their destiny also causes delays in everything. Number 8 persons thus achieve financial stability very late in life. They have to work very hard for their success. Number 8 people have to be very careful in negating the adverse influence of their birth number. Usually the number 8 is itself unlucky for those born with 8 as their root number.

A few who find 8 lucky may use it repeatedly and reap rich dividends. However, if number 8 is unlucky, as it usually is, then it is advisable to use the number opposite to the number of their period as shown in the chart. This must be referred to in order to arrive at the proper date, number, and day to be used for adequate benefit. The terrors of number 8 can be negated if these simple things regarding luck dates, colours, days, jewels, stones, metals, etc. are followed.

Health Guide

Health Hazards:

Number 8 persons are normally afflicted by the following diseases:
  • Disorders of the liver and the intestines.
  • Frequent headaches.
  • Rheumatism and gout.
  • Paralysis
  • Melancholia
  • Breathlessness

Healthy herbs:

The main herbs of number 8 persons are spinach, plantain, celery and carrots.

Unhealthy months and years:

Number 8 persons are likely to find important changes in their health and in their 17th, 26th, 35th, 53rd and 62 years. They must guard against disease during the months of December, January, February and July.

Lucky Items

Lucky marriage partner:

Number 8 persons are most suited to marry a person:
  • Who has 4 or 8 as his root number which means a person born on the 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 22nd, 26th and 31st of any month.
  • Moreso, if he is born between 21st December and 26th February.

Number 8 persons must be very careful with whom they marry. The above parameters are for those on the higher plane. Those number 8 persons who exist on a lower plane are advised to act as per the advice given in a separate chapter on number 8 persons. This is crucial in order to negate the bad influence of Saturn.

Lucky Jobs:

Number 8 persons are eminently suited to certain profession jobs. These are listed down according to the abilities of number 8 persons and the favourable influence of Saturn. The vocations and professions that suit number 8 person the most are:
  • Manufacture or trading of iron goods or oil (especially linseed or til oil).
  • They can make a career out of occult sciences.
  • Chemistry, physics and higher mathematics.
  • Medicine
  • Coal mines and timber.
  • Construction.
  • Printing and publishing.
  • Travel and tourism.

Lucky choice of friends:

Number 8 persons make friends with people:

  • Who have 4 or 8 as his root number which means a person born on the 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 22nd, 26th and 31st of any month.
  • Moreso, if he is born between 21st December and 26th February.

Once again reference must be made to the separate chapter on number 8 in order to arrive at a proper decision.

Lucky dates and days:

The lucky dates of number 8 persons are 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 22nd, 26th and 31st of any month. They must:

  • Carry out all their important plans and works on these dates.
  • Especially if the date falls between 21st December and 26th February.
  • It would be even better if it falls on their lucky days, which are Saturdays and Sundays.

Lucky Numbers:

Number 8 persons can also use 4 or 8 as their lucky numbers.

Lucky Colours:

They lucky colours of number 8 persons are:

  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Black.
  • Purple

Number 8 persons must wear these colours as much as possible. They would be advised to have the colours of their walls, upholstery, cars, curtains, etc. as either grey or blue. They must carry a black coloured handkerchief with them. Use of these colours would remove impediments and increase peace of mind and affluence.

Lucky jewel:

The lucky jewel of number 8 persons is the blue sapphire. Number 8 persons must:

  • Wear it in a ring.
  • The ring should be made of silver or lead.
  • The jewel should be embedded in such a way that its top is exposed to nature and the bottom touches the skin of the wearer.
  • It must be of 4 to 6 rattis weight.
  • It must be worn on the middle finger.
  • The ring must be worn the first time on a Sunday.
  • The jewel must be purified in raw cow’s milk for at least three hours.
  • The blue sapphire must not be worn with a ruby, pearl or yellow sapphire.
  • Its substitute is the Lapiz Lazuli.

Some astrologers also suggest the wearing of amethyst by number 8 persons. The benefits of each of these are dealt with in a separate chapter. These may be referred to for desired results.

Lucky metal:

The lucky metals of number 8 persons are iron and lead