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Moon & Females

Moon sign Aries and Women

Such women possess vital strong muscular body ambitious, fond of work, of rash temperament, angry mind, avaricious, domineering, will have henpecked husband, selfish, easily swayed by flattery, independent, head of the family and since such woman are married to weaklings, the married life is not usually a happy. 

Suffers from mental worry, anxiety, brain disorder in latter part of life, headaches in general and impaired eyesight.

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Moon sign Taurus and Women

Good looking with small round face and beautiful well proportioned figure, Lustrous and beautiful eyes. They are modest, respectful to elders, passive yet positive in thoughts and actions. Stubborn but not aggressive, shrewd but not clever or brilliant. Fond of good dishes, lazy and has love of luxury. Pleasure loving, fond of society specially company of opposite sex. Marry well and well looked after by their husbands. Good housewives, educated and fond of travel. Love good dress, perfumes etc. 

They like to be dominated by their husbands, fond of fine arts, and good health till old age. Generally they suffer from ailments of throat and neck, tonsils and indigestion etc.

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Moon sign Gemini and Women

Attractive, keen and intelligent face, figure beautiful and well shaped legs, ankles, small hands and feet, often curly hair. Tendency to do many things at a time, quick grasping power, talkative, imaginative, romantic but not warmly or affectionate, when married they will or can help their husbands in his business or can have her own career as clerk etc. 

Good organizer but not good home wife and fond of reading and arts. They have weak lungs, avoid intoxicating drugs, liquors and medicine which will affect them adversely.

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Moon sign Cancer and Women

These woman are of average height, round face, body inclined to stoutness as age advances even to obesity. They are essentially family women, greatly attached with home, husband and children, possessive, social and love to talk what they possess. Kind, sympathetic, religious and victorious over enemies. 

They are very thrifty, respected, dignified, of good character, virtuous, loved by all and of pleasant disposition but not of strong constitution and suffer from heat and stomach troubles. As age grows afflicted with rheumatic pain and aches, also becomes heavy on their feet and fancied for medicines.

Such ladies are best suited for hotel manager, estate supervisors restaurants, hostess or owner. They cannot tolerate dishonesty in their homes and business.

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Moon sign Leo and Women

Leo born girls are of fair complexion, rather attractive, wide and generous features, big round eyes, height above medium, with rather large bones and body structure.

They are generous, leader among women, independent, jolly, although easily offended or hurt and are apt to be vindictive and jealous. Of fiery temper, fond of food and drink, proud and somewhat arrogant to those whom they consider inferior but are generous otherwise. Religious, joyous, sexy and craving to the physical contacts, likes to be away from the madding crowd and at solitary place. Sincere, frank and open. 

Good married life on the whole. Wealthy, a few children, Leo born girls are affectionate, and passionate, and as along as they love the partner, they do in intensely otherwise they will sever the connections.

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Moon sign Virgo and Women

Such ladies are beautiful specially of lips and eyes, body is slender but well proportioned. They usually have dark hair and creamy or dark skin with flashing eyes.

Happy by nature but critics, keep the home clean, orderly and in decorative condition. They are good orators, conversationalists, sweet and persuasive in speech. They are intelligent, logical, fond of music and dance but adore anything that smacks of vulgarity. Daintiness is their motif. Hard working but get tired easily. Fond of reading, getting new ideas, confident of their views, they do not force their views on others but are offended when they are made upset from their views, more authoritative. 

Quite attracted to opposite sex and particularly to married one. Psychic and feel physical troubles, all originate due to wrong diet and their chief complaint is constipation which should be treated seriously.

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Moon sign Libra and Women

Ladies born in Libra are Oriental in appearance, dark magnetic eyes, beautiful, regular and attractive features, of delicate skin, careful fore dress, perfumes and ornaments.

They are very social, sympathetic, orderly and neat. They are very impulsive and hasty in thought and actions, affectionate, they may be antagonistic but outwardly agreeable, insincere but avoid hurting others by arguments, annoying and any confrontation. Such ladies are generally married and make intelligent and helpful partners. Fond of educational activities and have independence career. Kidney and generative organs are weak.

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Moon sign Scorpio and Women

Scorpio born ladies are plumpy and heavy, dark or fair complexion depending on other planetary aspects, have superfluous hair on body, body is well proportioned, short neck and angular or short plumpy body.

Such ladies are arrogant, proud, jealous and vindictive. Of loose or bad morals, excess drinking and other vices. Strong constitution and robust health. Shrewd, passionate, revengeful, can do any crime connected with revenge, jealousy or passion etc. Fond of spices and hot food, cold blooded and heartless but unsympathetic. 

They have many secret friends and associates, may gain wealth through many questionable methods. Throat afflictions and diseases of generative system are indicated.

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Moon sign Sagittarius and Women

Such Damsels are of large forehead, muscular, body is somewhat thick not fat, tall and well proportioned body, bright eyes, charming appearance and graceful look.

They are religious, joyous, generous and loveable. Helpful to others, ambitious, helpful to friends, healthy, do not have grudge but generous and forgive those who hurt them. Fortunate and successful, cooperative and hard workers. 

These women love life and get the most out of it. Artistic in their home, more sons than daughters and feel joyous and happy in life even through the troubles.

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Moon sign Capricorn and Women

Such ladies are slender, long face, large feet, hands are bony. In childhood they are fat and bulky, but become thin as age advances. Long chin and large jaws. 

They are ambitious and can be career women. Active, independent, argumentative, dogmatic manners and views, fond of music, honest and truthful, fond of opposite sex. They usually marry early.

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Moon sign Aquarius and Women

Such girls are very beautiful, of tall structure, oval face, magnetic and handsome appearance, brown hair. It is said so much that they are beautiful as Moon.

Such girls are brilliant, wealthy, acquire wealth and enjoy social status after marriage, fickle minded at times and odd in their behaviours. Imaginative, intuitive and inspirational. Self respect, good reputation and charitable nature. They love outdoor life sports and nature but sometimes they are wayward and vain.

As regards health, they will suffer from various diseases of feet and lower limbs, eyesight will become weak with age.

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Moon sign Pisces and Women

Pisces born ladies are of round, pleasant and affable face, puffy cheeks, large liquid eyes which are very prominent and are of soft mobile mouth.

Such ladies are very emotional, dreamy, inactive, stubborn and leaves provocated, their eyes are full of sex and lust. Avoid hurting others at any cost. They are modest, kind, courteous and lovable. Soft and good nature, nervous temperament and highly romantic. Fond of love, poetry and music. Helpful to needy and even can sacrifice themselves to those in distress. Charitable nature, gain from legacies and inheritance rather to have their husband’s wealth. Their health will remain as average.

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