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June Birthstone – Pearl

Brief Guide to June Birthstone

Pearl is the June birthstone. Pearls are formed when an irritant, such as a piece of sand, enters an oyster. The oyster coats the piece of sand over and over and a pearl is formed. An arabic legend states that pearls are formed when dew drops fall into the ocean. Pearls have been associated with Venus, which was named after the Roman goddess of love.

The iridescence shimmer shown by some pearls is due to the overlapping of layers laid down by the oyster. Pearls are usually white but can be tinted cream, pink, yellow, green, blue, brown, purple or black. Black pearls commonly called Black Tahitian Pearls are expensive due to their rarity.

There are two kinds of pearls, freshwater and saltwater. Freshwater pearls are formed by freshwater mussels. Most freshwater pearls today are farmed from mussels in China. Saltwater pearls are formed by oysters in the ocean, usually in protected oyster farms in lagoons. Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian are the three main kinds of saltwater pearls.

Birthstones have fascinated people for centuries. At various times, people have associated the designation of a birthstone with some type of supernatural power or authority, while at other times the birthstone was understood to have religious significance. Today, many people simply enjoy finding fun ways to wear their birth stones, considering the stones to be a great way to quietly celebrate the joy of living. There are actually several fun ways to incorporate your birthstone into your life. Here are some suggestions for persons who were born during the month of June.

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June Modern and Traditional Birthstone

The nice thing about birth stones is that you actually have more than one stone that you can use for your designs. This is because there are three lists that are generally accepted as being authoritative. The month of June is actually a motherlode of stones to enjoy. From the modern listing, the June birthday celebrant can enjoy the use of pearls and moonstones. From the traditional listing, there are the choices of emeralds and alexandrite. Alexandrite is also the stone of choice on the alternate listing. One of the nice things about having several stones associated with your birth month is you can mix and match them as accessories in your wardrobe.

June Alternative Birthstone

For example, if you want to cover all the cultural, mystical, and spiritual bases that are associated with birthstones, you may want to use all four of the June stones in a single piece of jewelry. You could choose to go with a brooch that includes an eclectic mix of pearls, moonstones, emeralds, and alexandrite. For something a little more modern, think about crafting an ankle bracelet using all your birth stones. A piece of jewelry with a customized design utilizing your birth stones can be a lot of fun, especially if you are the creative type and can come up with the design for the setting yourself.

Don't forget that there is always the option of creating some sort of art piece that incorporates your birthstones into the design. Maybe you would enjoy a small figurine that is encrusted with one or more of your June birthstones. How about a paperweight for your desk? You could even have a picture frame cast with an eclectic collection of stones.

Essentially, the possibilities of how to make use of your June birthstones are limited only by your own imagination. Take a moment to look at the colors of each of your four stones, and let your mind take you to places that you have never been.

Birthstone Overview

The Modern June Birthstone is Pearl or Moonstone

The Traditional birthstone is Alexandrite

The Mystical birthstone is Moonstone

In the Ayurvedic tradition the June Birthstone is also Pearl

The modern June birthstone is the Pearl and it is also given on the 1st, 3rd, 12th, and 30th wedding anniversaries.

Pearls, of course, are formed when a tiny grain of sand or mineral lodges in the body of certan mollusks, oysters, for example, and the animal responds to that irritating grain by secreting nacre. Over time that grain is coated with the nacre and a pearl is created. Since the pearl itself isn't part of the oyster the animal continues to add to the growing pearl so it increases in size.

Orginally pearls were found by luck. Divers would open many oysters for every decent pearl found. These days most pearls are of the cultured variety. Cultured simply means that people insert the grain into the oyster. The grain is of a size and type more likely to produce the desired pearl. The oysters are then harvested after a couple of years and the pearls extracted.

Indian legend has it that pearls were heavenly dew drops than fell to the sea. In India, ancient warriors attached the pearls to their weapons to symbolize the tears and sorrow of those slain by the weapons.

The traditional June birthstone is Alexandrite, named after one of the Czars of Russia, Alexander II. The stone was first discovered in Russia, in 1834, on the day Alexander II came of age.

Gem quality Alexandrite is very rare and it is quite unusual to find it in modern jewelry. Russian jewelers loved it, though, so you just might be able to find some in antigue Russian jewelry.

One of the distinguishing features of this stone, and one that make is a very interesting birthstone for any month, is that is can change colors! Depending on the light its color will range from a green or blue-green to red or purple-red. In fact, it's this color changing that defines the stone as an Alexandrite and not just a chrysoberyl.

Moonstone in an alternative June birthstone and is also one of the mystical birthstones. Like pearls, moonstones can come in a variety of colors and have a particular shimmer called adularescence. Moonstones are only a 6 on the hardness scale, which means they can be easily scratched.

In India it is said to bring good fortune and is regarded as a sacred stone. Legend also has it that the moonstone arouses tender passion and so is perfect for lovers. In asian philosophy the Moonstone balances the yin and the yang forces.